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What is the difference between PosApp's Options menu settings and the scenario tree SimGEN Options settings?


The Options menu and the SimGEN Options area of the scenario tree offer the user control of exactly the same settings. The difference is simply the way in which they are applied by the software.

  1. PosApp (SimGEN / SimREPLAYplus / SimREPLAY) "Options" menu allows you to select settings that apply to all scenarios that are loaded with the current Windows user account.

  2. The "SimGEN Options" area of the scenario tree allows you to assign settings to a specific scenario. When loaded, a scenario with SimGEN Options enabled will apply those settings in preference to the equivalent settings from the Options menu. If no SimGEN Options are enabled in the scenario then the Options menu settings will be applied.


Care should be taken if different people are using the same system. Either:-

  • all users should agree on a fixed set of conditions and thus use the Options menu
     - or -
  • users should simply ensure their own scenarios include their own preferred settings, enabled via the SimGEN Options area of the scenario tree (and thus ignore use of the Options menu)
     - or -
  • adopt a combination of both of the above

Product : SimREPLAYplus,SimREPLAY,SimGEN,PosApp