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Does the GSS4200 Utilities software work with Windows 7?


GSS4200 Utilities software v1-08 is available for download and includes Windows 7 32-bit compatible USB drivers. We do not provide Windows 7 64-bit USB drivers.

Supported customers may access the latest download of the GSS4200 Utiliteis CD from the "GSS4200" download category on the CSC support website. Unsupported customers may access the Windows 7 USB drivers only via the "Utilities" download category (but should take care to read the provided ReadMe.txt note).

You must also ensure that the host PC is configured in accordance with the instructions in DCS0036D, taking the following comments into consideration:-

  1. DCS0036D is written primarily for installation of our PosApp software application. At the section referring to installation of the Spirent software you may replace references to PosApp with "GSS4200 Utilities" accordingly
  2. The need for a 'sig_gen.txt' file is not applicable
  3. The need for an 'lservrc.txt' licence file is not applicable
  4. References to GPIB and Ethernet interfaces should be ignored

In addition the GSS4200 may be operated with SimCHAN software. Please see FAQ10910 for further information.

Product : GSS4200