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How to input AT command for LG VL600 LTE device?


Open LG Connection Manager, click MENU button:


Click on AT command to open AT command input window:


Now we can input AT commands in this window.

Following are some basic AT commands:

AT%LCRPT=<wapn>,<apntype> // Edit PDN IP type
at%lcrpt=1, "IPv6" (change LTE IMS PDN to IPV6)
at%lcrpt=3, "IPv4" (change LTE Internet PDN to IPV4)
at%lcrpt=5, "IPv6" (change eHRPD IMS PDN to IPV6)
at%lcrpt=7, "IPv4v6" (change eHRPD Internet PDN to IPV4/V6 dual stack)

at%lcimssetcfg=1,1   // Set IMS PDN IP type to IPV6

at%lcimsgetcfg=1     // Get IMS PDN IP type

at%lcimssetcfg=0,1   // Enable IMS Client

at%lcimssetcfg=0,0   // Disable IMS Client

at%lctciv=”IPv6”     // configure CDMA tethered connection IP version to IPv6

at%lctciv=”IPv4”     // configure CDMA tethered connection IP version to IPv4

Product : TD II SPIRENT SC,Wireless,LTE,SC,LTE Test System