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Positioning Application: How many datasets can be used in a user defined data (UDD) file?

  • PosApp (SimGEN)
  • You may specify as many datasets as are required, per SVID
  • They must be in time sequential order
    • But you don't have to specify a dataset for every SVID at every new cutover time
  • For example the first dataset in the file can be in use for a period of time e.g 7200 seconds, then the following data for the same SV set would have a cutover of 14400 seconds.
    • This applies to any type of dataset.
  • For more information on datasets refer to the SimGEN user manual, DGP00686AAA
  • For information on how to control dataset transitions / cutovers within a file read FAQ11910

Product : SimGEN,PosApp