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What is PosApp?


PosApp is the abbreviation for "Positioning Application". It is Spirent's flagship software application for it's multi-channel satellite navigation (GNSS) simulation systems.

PosApp was introduced in 2010 and requires a software licence to enable one of three levels (or 'modes') of capability:-

  1. SimGEN   -   full scenario environment development capability; extended data input / output options, user actions and commands; advanced remote control
  2. SimREPLAYplus   -   limited scenario environment development permitted, primarily = set start time/date, load real almanacs, input user motion; plus all the capability of SimREPLAY
  3. SimREPLAY   -   replay of pre-defined scenarios; basic scenario control via user actions control, simple data output, simple remote control

Under normal use the application will thus load as “SimGEN”, “SimREPLAYplus” or “SimREPLAY”; based on the licence permissions. The first release of PosApp was v2-90, as it continued the version numbering established by the SimGEN software releases. Hence, the 'look and feel' of the GUI will be very familiar to original SimGEN users and indeed for those users upgrading to PosApp there ought to be no apparant differences.

The use of a licence file enables seamless upgrade of the software in the field:-

  • GSS6700 users can upgrade from SimREPLAY to SimREPLAYplus or SimGEN
  • STR4500 users can upgrade from SimREPLAY to SimREPLAYplus   (please see KNI10194 for related information)

You cannot run PosApp without a valid licence. Spirent provides a licence with all new systems which is locked to the serial number of your attached simulator (or the master simulator for multi-box systems). To verify the licence the simulator must be attached to the host PC and powered on.

Product : SimREPLAYplus,SimREPLAY,SimGEN,PosApp