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Why does SimCHAN report "Info: Product: SimREPLAY..." when I start SimCHAN?


This article refers to SimCHAN v3-xx

When you start SimCHAN the Messages window at the bottom of the SimCHAN GUI may report that the software Product is "SimREPLAY":-


The primary root cause is that SimCHAN has not been able to authenticate the installed licence file (lservrc.txt) located in the SimCHAN directory = C:\Program Files\Spirent Communications\SimCHAN. In this situation the SimCHAN 'engine' reverts to its default state which is SimREPLAY (because SimCHAN v3-xx onwards runs the PosApp engine in the background and the default state of PosApp is SimREPLAY). Another symptom of this issue that you should also notice in the Messages window is that it reports several 'invalid commands' (see Figure 1) - please refer to article FAQ12509.

If the lservrc.txt licence file has been correctly authenticated then the Messages window should actually appear as follows, with the "PosApp engine...licensed for SimCHAN":-

To resolve this please refer to advice provided in article SOL11089.

Product : SimCHAN