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GSS9000, GSS7000: How do I update the Disk Image on my C50r Host Controller or GSS7000 embedded host?

The “Update Patch” consists of a .sh script file (system_upgrade<VERSION>.sh) and one or more .tgz files (upgrade_<VERSION>.tgz)
From PosApp v6.07, the Update Patch contains four .tgz files.  all four need applying on Disk Image V4.x systems using the process described below.  The system will fail to boot if all four .tgz files are not applied on systems with Disk Image v4.x.  The Disk Image can be determined by following FAQ18800
For PosApp v6.06 and earlier versions, the Update Patch contains one .tgz file, which is applied using the process described below
To install a Disk Image Update Patch:
  1. Power on the GSS7000 or C50r Host Controller (for GSS9000) and log into the gpsadmin account 
  2. Navigate to D:\posapp\software\<VERSION>\image_patch
  3. Identify the correct patch for the Disk Image present on the Controller
    • FAQ18800 describes how to determine the Disk Image version
  4. Copy the following files from the folder and paste them into D:\posapp\conf
    1. system_upgrade<VERSION>.sh
    2. upgrade_<VERSION>.tgz” SEE NOTE ABOUT POSAPP V6.07 ABOVE
  5. Shutdown the GSS7000/C50r Controller
  6. Power on the GSS7000/C50r Controller and navigate to the “conf” folder
    • Note that the .sh and .tgz files are no longer visible
    • This action installs the patches
  7. Shutdown the GSS7000/C50r Controller again
    • This step is not required for Disk Image 4.x onwards
  8. Power on the GSS7000/C50r Controller
    • This action runs the new file‚Äč

Product : Positioning,PosApp,C50r