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---Essentials of Spirent iTest course (CBT level 1)---


Formerly known as the CBT (Computer Based Training) Level 1 training, this course provides new users with a solid foundation that covers the basics of using iTest, including basic administration and application. Each module ends with a short quiz followed by a lab exercise. Enjoy!

Series: Spirent iTest Computer Based Training
Series: Essentials of Courses
Certificate: Click here to request access to the Green Belt Test


Video Presentations


Devices: While working through the CBT course, you will come across many references to This is a multi-access router with a limited number of connections. In the event that the router is temporarily unavailable, you can use


Attachment Description
Save the file on the computer that runs iTest. The projectSet.psf file contains all the iTest files that you will develop throughout the training, supporting files, and the answers to the labs. (Module 2 explains how to import the files into iTest.)

Product : iTest