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----- Spirent Campus Overview -----


Spirent Campus is a dynamic learning system that is accessed online, at any time, from anywhere that has Internet access. It consists of Web-based training Courses and Topics. There are also Certification tracks for some aspects of the products. Spirent Campus is now offered as a value added service to customers with existing support contracts. Your login to the Customer Service Center (CSC) provides access to Spirent Campus in the Spirent Knowledge Base (KB).

If you are a first time visitor to Spirent Campus, we recommend that you view the Spirent Campus Overview video below as it describes benefits of Spirent Campus, how to access online training content as well as descriptions for some of the available training. If you choose not to view the Spirent Campus Overview video, you can access Spirent Campus content by selecting either: the "Browse All Content" or "Essentials of Course" links:

IMPORTANT: You must sign in to have access to all of the Spirent Campus content.


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