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----Essentials of Courses, START HERE----



Spirent Campus is a dynamic learning system that is accessed online, at any time, from anywhere that has Internet access. It consists of Web-based training Courses and Topics. There are also Certification tracks for some aspects of the products. While not required for some training Courses and Topics, your login to the Customer Service Center (CSC) provides full access to Spirent Campus and all assets in the Spirent Knowledge Base (KB). If you don't yet have an account on the CSC, follow these simple steps to create a new account.

This is a list of Essentials of Courses providing general knowledge of the various Spirent products; system, hardware, administration, and application. The Essentials of Courses will teach the new user how to use the various applications to generate traffic while teaching additional concepts and terminology specific to the Spirent Product hardware, features, and functionality. Enjoy!


---Essentials of Abacus Course--- (requires CSC login)
---Essentials of Avalanche Course--- (requires CSC login)
---Essentials of CyberFlood Course--- (requires CSC login)
---Essentials of Landslide Course--- (requires CSC login)
---Essentials of Spirent iTest Course---
---Essentials of Spirent TestCenter Course---
---Essentials of Spirent TestCenter IQ Course---
---Essentials of Spirent TestCenter L1 Service---
---Essentials of Spirent TestCenter Enhanced L4-7---
---Essentials of Spirent TestCenter Automation Course---
---Essentials of Spirent TestCenter GUI to Script Course---
---Essentials of Spirent TestCenter Conformance Testing (CTS) Course---
---Essentials of Velocity Course--- (requires CSC login)
---Essentials of Tcl Course---
---Essentials of IPv6 Course---
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