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---Essentials of Spirent iTest---


iTest training agendas are intended to be custom-built for each individual training engagement, but in general, training is delivered in two phases.

  • The first phase of a training engagement is represented here as the Essentials of iTest and covers the fundamentals of iTest. It consists of multiple modules that are intended to be viewed in series. The objective of this phase is for students to become proficient in the core concepts, operations, and best practices of iTest. In this phase, students will learn the basics of the iTest GUI via lecture materials within individual training modules. Students will also have the opportunity to practice the topics within each module via lab exercises.
  • The second phase of a training engagement is typically conducted in the students’ domain-specific context. The objective of this phase is for students to reinforce the concepts covered in the first phase on their own equipment. In doing so, the students develop automation content that will be used as building blocks of test cases and test suites. Please contact sales to discuss.

Series: Essentials of Courses

Product : Automation,Velocity Portfolio,Velocity iTest