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---Essentials of Spirent TestCenter Enhanced L4-7---


Bookmark this page! All you need to know and get familiar with Spirent TestCenter Enhanced L4-7 is here.

This latest enhancement to Spirent TestCenter solution enables full-stack Layer 2 to Layer 7 testing in a single unified platform with emulated topologies and Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) interfaces, measuring traditional packet and Service Level Agreement (SLA)-specific metrics.

This new functionality provides much greater visibility into how business-critical applications perform in complex networks and offers important new insights into the anticipated app performance, stability and actual Quality of Experience (QoE) being delivered to end users.

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Overview Video

Spirent TestCenter Enhanced L4-7 unified QoE Assessment Tool (3:22 min)

Press Release

Spirent Unlocks Unified QoE Testing for Better User App Experiences

Web Page

Spirent TestCenter Software


Spirent TestCenter Enhanced L4-7 Test Solution

Spirent TestCenter Enhanced L4-7 Support

Spirent TestCenter Enhanced L4-7 Quick Start Guide
What is the supported Platforms list for Enhanced L4-7?

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Product : L4-7,Spirent TestCenter