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Positioning Simulators: My GSS8000/7700 simulator doesn't boot correctly when first powered on - but a power cycle resolves the problem

  • GSS8000
  • GSS7700
  • GSS7800
  • GSS7790
  • Once powered on the LCD screen on a GSS8000 simulator should remain visible (previous STR47xx and GSS7xxx simulator models had a 'sleep' mode such that the LCD screen would go blank if not used for a period of time). For that reason if you find that the GSS8000 screen is blank / black or turns blue with an info message "No signal" after powering on the unit then the boot-up sequence has not completed successfully.
  •  In most cases a simple power cycle will resolve this and indeed further power cycles during a period of use of the unit should result in successful boot up.
  • However, if the initial boot-up failure becomes more frequent and even once correctly powered on it is found that particular error messages relating to loss of connection with the simulator - see article FAQ11979 - are being reported by PosApp (SimGEN) when arming / running a scenario, then this highlights a potential fault with the CPU card, which will need to be replaced.
  • Please contact Spirent Global Services with details of your system which will enable them to provide the appropriate advice for the repair of the simulator. A common fault is the degradation of the BIOS battery on the CPU card, it is acceptable for customers to replace the CR2032 battery on the card and follow the Process in DGP00823AAA. Please contact Spirent support for a copy of the document. Also attached to this article.
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Battery changing process

Product : Positioning,GSS7790,GSS7700,GSS7800,GSS8000