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Spirent TestCenter: RSVP crashes when Head-End router updates the min-BW

  • The tunnels are initially signaled correctly with configured min-bandwidth and the tunnels remain stable.
  • Once a given set of RSVP/TE tunnels receives traffic and the Head-End router updates the min-bandwidth, it leads to some problems on the Spirent side.
    • Tunnel signaling breaks and the RSVP process gets stopped.
  • Spirent TestCetner 5.30 and older.
  • The issue occurred because while raising the events, STC will not make sure all of the data structures are valid.
  • In some rare cases, as there were no safety checks in the code, it leads to a crash.
  • The fix to this issue is available in STC GA's starting in version 5.31.
Root Cause
  • The crash happens basically due to access violation and segmentation fault.

Product : RSVP,Spirent TestCenter