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Using Spirent TestCenter to send different Frame Sizes


This Video Demonstration describes how you can use Spirent TestCenter to send different Frame Sizes from a single test port. It first describes the different options for Fixed, Increment, Decrement, and Random. Next it describes the purpose and options for "Internet Mix" (aka iMIX). Then it discusses the “Auto” frame size option and how it can be beneficial when used with "custom frames". It also describes how Frames Sizes can be specified for multi-iteration tests, and, automated using the Command Sequencer; this is applicable to both Custom and RFC 2544 tests. Finally, it demonstrates how different frames sizes influence the resulting frame and bit rates. Enjoy!

Course: Spirent TestCenter Continuing Education course
Series: Essentials of Courses

Run Time: 25 min


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Product : Spirent TestCenter,PGA