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Cloud and IP Ask the Expert Webinar Series Web Portal

High-Speed Network Testing Webinars Cloud Infrastructure Testing Webinars Automotive Connectivity Testing Webinars
Security Solutions...Avalanche, CyberFlood, Cybersecurity, and Security Labs
Spirent AION...New Unified Platform for Next-Gen Network and Cloud Testing
5G / Open RAN / IoT / oneM2M
Automotive Connectivity Testing
Cloud and Virtual Testing
Ethernet and IP Testing
Network Impairment and Emulation Testing
TestCenter Appliances, Modules and Chassis...also see Automotive and Wi-Fi Flex Ethernet (FlexE) Testing (Solutions to meet 5G requirements for network slicing, ultra-low latency, and high availability.) Fiber Channel/Ethernet Testing (Industry-first L2-7 converged data center performance benchmarking test solution.) 400/200/100/50/40/25/10GbE Ethernet Testing Industry’s highest density 7-speed QSFP-DD PAM4/NRZ testers, 4-speed OSFP/CFP8 versions with PAM4.) 100/50/40/25/10G Ethernet Testing (Industry-first quint-speed HSE testers, with multi rate support, for high-density, performance testing.) 40/10G and 10/1G Ethernet Testing (40G/10G and 10/1G native QSPF+/SFP+ testers, industry’s highest density, highest application performance.) 25/10G Ethernet Testing (Industry-first native SFP28 HSE 25/10G modules to test next-generation server, storage solutions.) 2.5G Ethernet Testing (16 copper RJ45-ports, up to 5 different speeds from single module (10/5/2.5/1G/100M). 1G Ethernet Testing (Multi-speed modules, 3 port variations, highest density/performance L2-7 testing in its class.)
TestCenter Software and Protocols TestCenter Software Web Portal

TestCenter IQ (Actionable analytics, intuitive reporting, visualize dynamic behavior of systems under test.) TestCenter Enhanced L4-7 (Industry-first Layer 2 to Layer 7 unified Quality of Experience assessment tool) Rest API Support (Test, accelerate your innovation with any scripting or programming language, any OS.) HLTAPI Support (For scripting customers where efficiency and re-use across teams, platforms are key.) Native API Support (Powerful interface for implementing custom test cases in a regression environment.) Virtual LabServer (Dynamic multi-user environment for scalability as testbeds, regression environments grow.) TestCenter Protocols Web Portal

Routing (Extensive Routing Protocol support for IPv4/IPv6 supporting Unicast and Multicast.) Data Center Protocols (Test subscriber capacity, performance, bandwidth with Overlay EVPN, VXLAN or Legacy technologies) Software-Defined Networking Protocols (Scalable solution for SRv6 services testing, complete SP-SDN protocol portfolio.) Access Protocols (Complete set of Access protocols for both IPv4 and IPv6.) Switching Protocols (Comprehensive switching, Carrier Ethernet, and Timing protocols coverage.) Application Layer Protocols (Test basic application-layer protocols over FTP, HTTP, Voice, Video, IPTV.) IETF RFC Benchmarking Methodologies (Industry-standard IETF RFC Benchmarks for Layer 2-3 Switching, IP Multicast.)
Testing Services
Testing Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) for Industrial Automation and Automotive
Timing and Synchronization Testing
TTworkbench Test Automation Platform...also see Automotive, TSN, and oneM2M for additional TTsuites
WLAN Testing...using Spirent TestCenter hardware
Additional and Spirent TestCenter Knowledge Base (KB) Articles

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