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GNSS Positioning Simulators: Can I use a GPIB to USB converter to control my simulator with a laptop?

  •  All Spirent simulators fitted with a GPIB interface that are compatible with PosApp-  GSS7700 /GSS7800 / GSS7790 / STR4760 / STR4650 / STR4790 / STR4780 
  •  Single channel Simulators that use direct commands such as the GSS5300 / GSS6300 / GSS4100
  • It is possible to use a National Instruments GPIB to USB converter cable in order to communicate with a Positioning simulator from a laptop or a PC which does not have a National Instruments GPIB interface card fitted.
  • This type of converter cable  has been used to communicate from a Laptop or PC using a USB port  to a Simulator whilst conducting the customer calibration procedure or sending direct commands.
  • Spirent have not done any extensive testing to prove that a Simulator can be controlled reliably for a prolonged period when running scenarios.
  • Please see below one example of a GPIB to USB converter cable which is used by Spirent.


                                                   Fig 1. GPIB to USB converter cable                                                         Fig 2. GPIB connector with NI part number.

Product : GSS6300,STR4790,STR4780,STR4760,STR4750,GSS7790,GSS7700,GSS7800,GSS7900,GSS8000