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Spirent TestCenter: How to configure FCoE on STC using two B2B ports?

  • STC
  • FCoE
  • Open the GUI and connect to your chassis.
  • Create 4 devices, 2 on each port.  The devices you're going to create may have checked the None option for the Protocol Technologies and Upper Layer options.
  • It's recommended to name the devices as VN_PortX and VF_PortX or something that will help you to identify them.
  • Add the FCoE to the encapsulation of every device.  To do this, click on any of the cells under the Encapsulation column and then on the square with the ellipsis.
  • Modify the World Wide Port Name so that each device has a different value.
  • Set to Active both of the devices that will work as VN.  You will find this option under the FCoE VN_Port tab.
  • Modify the FC Map value in one of the devices, so that it won't match the value on the other device.
  • Set to Active both of the VF devices.  You will find this option under the FCoE VF_Port tab.
  • Modify the FC Map value in one of the devices.  The VN_Port FC Map on Device 1 should match with the VF_Port FC Map on Device 2.
  • After that, on the FCoE VF_Port tab, highlight the VF devices, right-click over one of them, and go to FCoE VF_Port > Start FCoE VF_Port.
  • After that, the Aggregate Sub State will go into PLOGI Accepted; this means that you have FCoE running.
  • Once you have configured this, you can create your stream blocks and run traffic.  It's important to mention that the stream blocks need to be configured between the VN_Ports.

Product : Spirent TestCenter,FCoE