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Spirent Vertex® Channel Emulator Documentation

The Spirent Vertex® Channel Emulator is a versatile platform that offers unprecedented scalability while supporting emulation of a large number of channel models. The simple plug-and-play design is built to support a broad range of applications that require varying channel densities, from basic applications like two-channel SISO to complex, high channel density applications like MIMO OTA and carrier aggregation, and supports configurations to evaluate future technologies such as 5G.

This page provides links to the data sheets, frequently asked questions (FAQs), and documentation for Spirent Vertex.

Data Sheets and Brochures
Spirent offers the following products and solutions to enhance your testing with Vertex:
Frequently Asked Questions
Click here to view all the FAQs for Vertex.

Application Notes
Title Purpose
Application Note: Testing Wi-Fi 6 with Spirent Vertex and Spirent TestCenter Describes how to perform static, peak throughput tests for Wi-Fi 6 channel modeling using a Spirent Vertex channel emulator and a Spirent TestCenter system.

This section provides the user documentation for the latest release of Vertex.
If you want to view the user documentation for previous releases of Vertex, click here.

Vertex Release 4.70 Documentation
Title Purpose
Spirent Vertex Channel Emulator Release 4.70 System Release Summary, 71-008947, A0 Describes the new features, enhancements, and known issues in release 4.70.
Spirent Vertex Channel Emulator Release 4.70 System Deployment Instructions, 71-008948, A0 Provides the procedures to upgrade Vertex to release 4.70.
Spirent Vertex Channel Emulator Setup Guide, 71-007894, A9 Describes how to install and power up Vertex. Also describes how to access the Vertex graphical user interface (GUI).
Spirent Vertex Channel Emulator Release 4.70 User Manual, 71-008949, A0 Describes how to use the Vertex channel emulator.
Spirent Vertex Channel Emulator Release 4.70 RPI Command Reference Manual, 71-007840, A10 Provides a complete description of each command in the Vertex remote programming interface (RPI) command set.
Spirent XD5 Multilink Duplexing Test System - Vertex Setup Guide, 71-008027, A0 Describes how to install and configure a Spirent XD5 multilink duplexing test system with a Vertex channel emulator.

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