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Spirent TestCenter Release Notes (4.91)

This release notes document is for the latest Spirent TestCenter software base packages, test packages, and hardware. Click the attached PDF to open the release notes.
The following is a partial list of new content that is being introduced as part of this release.
  • PX3-QSFP28-12-100A, PX3-QSFP28-12-125A, PX3-QSFP28-12-150A, PX3-QSFP28-12-175A, PX3-QSFP28-12-225A Test Modules support 100G,50G,40G,25G and 10GbE
  • PX3-400GQ-P2, 2-port CFP8 Test Module and PX3-400GQ-T2, 2-port QSFP-DD Test Modules support 4x100GbE on Spirent TestCenter and Boost UI
  • DX3-400GQ-T2, DX3-400GD-T2, 2-port QSFP-DD Test Modules and DX3-400GQ-P2, DX3-400GD-P2, 2-port CFP8 Test Modules support 4x100GbE on Spirent TestCenter and Boost UI
  • PX3-100G 12-port Modules (100/50/25/40/10G) Version B supports 50G FEC Counters
  • FX2-10G-S16, FX2-10G-12, FX2-10G-S8, MX2-10G-S12, MX2-10G-S8, MX2-10G-S4, and NIC-47 Test Modules fully support transmit, receive, and analysis for Preemption standard (IEEE802.1Qbu) in 10GbE mode
  • Spirent C50 appliance 8-Port FX2 10/100/1000 Ethernet SFP NIC and Hardware Timing
  • PX3-400GQ-P2, 2-port CFP8 Test Module, PX3-400GQ-T2, 2-port QSFP-DD Test Module, DX3-400GQ-T2, DX3-400GD-T2, DX3-400GDF-T2, 2-port QSFP-DD Test Module, DX3-400GQ-P2, DX3-400GD-P2, DX3-400GDF-P2 2-port CFP8 Test Module now include:
    • Priority Flow Control support for 50G individual counters
    • Increase PX3 50G RIT from 8k to 16k.    
    • Enable Shuffle VFD support for 100G and 50G (PX3 and DX3).
    • Enable Smooth Random Length feature for 100G and 50G PX3
    • Support for control plane PFC on PX3 50G; also 8 PFC queue for PX3 and DX3 50G
  • TSN: 802.1 Qbv – Supports the generation of timed traffic based on gPTP time and Time Aware Shaping parameters
  • IEEE 1588 supports displaying and logging the four timestamps (t1-t4) from the PTP Clock Sync messaging sequence
  • Supports eCPRI (Evolved Common Public Radio Interface) PDU template and auto response framework
  • VXLAN transporting VM BUM (broadcast, unknown unicast, and multicast) traffic using PIM-ASM underlay
  • New one-click option to optimize test configurations for long-running tests
  • The currently running configuration is now included in crash and diagnostic reports (.tcc file)
  • HLTAPI Enhancements
    • interface_config command enhanced to support FEC option for 25G and 50G
    • traffic_stats command enhanced so the streamblock name cay be used to get results for that streamblock
    • get_handles command enhanced to support all object types
  • Segment Routing:
    • Supports the ISIS SRv6 latest draft version draft-bashandy-isis-srv6-extensions-04; adds support for SRMSD Sub-tlv
    • ISIS SR View Routes - supports viewing IS-IS SR capabilities, LSP information, interface ip, and related TLVs
    • ISIS SR Flex Algorithm - includes a new capability, “SR-FAD Sub-TLV,” added to Capability TLV tab
    • New SRv6 L3VPN Wizard
  • BGP:
    • Support for IPv4 Flow Spec Types 7, 8, 9, and 12
    • Supports BGP add-path capability for unicast and VPN routes
    • BGP device in dual stack mode: choose how to advertise/withdrawn routes
    • Supports SRv6 over EVPN route types 1, 2, 3, and 5
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Spirent TestCenter Release Notes (4.91)

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