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Why there're always many error of SMLC has reported a position method failure? Anything wrong with my ULTS system?



It's almost the most frequently seen error (should be warning) message you'll see in ULTS events window. Whenever SMLC can't calculate the result, this warning is shown. There're many possibilities. Most of the time, it's due to the fact that the mobile can't provide measurement result and give Not Enough Satellite return. Then, ULTS will have this warning. For some mobiles, it could be normal and expected because when initial testing, some mobiles can't sync with GPS and give measurement immediately and after 1 or 2 sessions, it may get the GPS signal and return to normal. Besides, some particular tough test cases in which the GPS environment keeps changing. There could be a period of time that the GPS signal is too weak for the mobile to give measurement and thus there're a lot of such warnings in GUI. It's not system issue and may or may not be mobile issue also depending on the expectation on the performance on the devices.

Product : Conformance,AGPS,SUPL