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Landslide: How do I check and install a license file?



    1. From the Landslide homepage, click on the TAS Manager Application link under Tools.
    2. When the Window opens login with cfguser password (if the default password was not changed). Wait for the system to display the Landslide Product version and status.
    3. From the Main Menu, select System -> Show License Info to view current license information.
    4. To install a license file, from the Main Menu, select Run -> Stop. The Landslide Manager will be stopped when the message “TAS is not running” is displayed in the window.
    5. From the Main Menu, select System -> Install License.
    6. From the License TAS Settings window, select Browse to locate the license file.
    7. Once the license file is located, click on Load to upload the license file to the TAS.
    8. The license file uploaded on the TAS will be displayed under Available TAS license Files. Highlight the recently uploaded license file and click on the Install button.
    9. With the indication that the License file was successfully installed, you will be asked to Restart the TAS Manager by selecting Run -> Start from the Main Menu.

Product : Landslide,TAS Manager,Landslide