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Landslide: I can’t upgrade a Test Server through the GUI, how to do I manually upgrade it?


Telnet to the Test Server and login as cfguser/cfguser

From the Test Server Telnet window, FTP to TAS manager using cfguser / cfguser for ftp username and password:

  1. Type: “cd /usr/sms/data/tsupgrades” (to go the the upgrades directory on the TAS)
  2. Type: “bin” (enable binary)
  3. Type: “hash” (enable hash mode)
  4. Type: “get coast_ X.Y.W.Z.tsu” to download the coast_X.Y.W.Z.tsu file from the TAS to the Test Server (s) for manual upgrade. Once download is finished, type: bye to stop the ftp.
  5. Type: “ls –l” to verify that coast_X.Y.W.Z.tsu is in the /home/cfguser directory which is the default directory when you logged on the Test Server.
  6. At the ##> prompt, type: “tar –xvf coast_ X.Y.W.Z.tsu” to extract the content of the tsu file and prepare the upgrade.
  7. Type: “su” to get in superuser mode.
  8. Type: “./ coast_ X.Y.W.Z.tsu” to run the Test Server upgrade.
  9. Wait for the upgrade to complete and the Test Server to finish rebooting. Once the reboot is completed, verify using the Landslide GUI, Admin->Test Servers that you can view and access theTest Server in theTest Server Administration window with READY status and the correct X.Y.W.Z software version under the General tab .


Product : Landslide,Landslide