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Landslide: How do I upgrade a Landslide Test Server and Test suite using coast_W.X.Y.Z.tsu and COAST.W.X.Y.Z.ste files?

  • Landslide Test Server and Test Suite


  • Download the Test Server file (coast_W.X.Y.Z.tsu) and the Test Suite file (COAST.W.X.Y.Z.ste) to your desktop.
  • Upgrade the Test Server
    • Look Up the Test Server
      • Select Admin > Test Servers from the Main menu
      • Select the TS Name that corresponds to the test server from the drop-down list, and the test server information is displayed.
    • Click Upgrade TS to begin the process. You are asked whether you want to upgrade to the official test server version (the test server software that was released with the currently installed TAS software).
    • Click Yes to choose the official version, and the default upgrade is installed.
    • If you click No and choose to install a different version, such as a standalone test server upgrade, the Upgrade Test Server window opens and displays the upgrade files (.tsu) available on the TAS.
    • Click Browse and the Load Local TS Upgrade File window opens. Browse to the coast_W.X.Y.Z.tsu file, select it, and click Upload to begin the upload.
    • When the upload completes, the file is displayed in the Available Test Server Images list. Select it and click Upgrade, and an upgrade confirmation message is displayed.
    • The new software is loaded and the test server is restarted. When this process is complete and the test server registers with the TAS, the test server status changes to Ready
    • When Test Server finishes rebooting it will show version W.X.Y.Z with the ready status.
  • Upgrade the Test Suite
    • While you are waiting for the Test Server to re-start:
      • Close all associated Test Cases and Test Suites
      • Select Admin > Test Suite Importer from the Main menu.
      • Click Browse and the Select Test Suite window opens.
      • Browse to the Test Suite file (COAST.W.X.Y.Z.ste ) and click Select. The Test Suite is uploaded to the TAS. The name and contents of the suite are displayed in the Test Suite Importer window.
      • Select Import
      • When the import is complete, a confirmation message is displayed that lists the elements that are imported into the basic library.

Product : Landslide