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Avalanche: Where can I find the quick start guide and how to configure various protocols test in Avalanche Commander?

  • The Avalanche online help and manual is installed with the Avalanche applicaton.
  • It includes the "Avalanche Quick Start Guide" and "How To Test Specific Protocols" PDF on how to configure the chassis to setting up various protocol tests:
    • Capture Replay
    • CIFS(NG)
    • DHCP
    • DNS
    • FTP
    • HTTP
    • IMAP4
    • MM4
    • POP3
    • RTMP
    • RTSP/RTP Streaming
    • SIP
    • SIPNG
    • SMTP
    • Telnet
    • VoD Multicast
    • Windows Media 
  • Press (F1) to bring up the online help in the Avalnache applicaton to search for a specific topic for example "test specific protocol".

Product : L4-7,Avalanche,Streaming,SSL,SMTP,SIP,RTSP,POP3,MMS,MCAST