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Why aren't my Avalanche test ports sending traffic?


The Avalanche will not send traffic if there are problems with the ports. 

1) Check ports have resolved ARP's. 
     To enable pcaps use trial mode (green arrow, green checkmark), pcaps will be found on the 'Results' tab under the 'client_subtest' folder.

2) Ensure that your VLAN settings are correct.  Note that you must turn on VLANs at the top of the subnet page to view the VLANs on the subnets themselves.  They may be enabled but not displaying if this option is not checked.  Once they are displayed, ensure they match your network settings.

3) Check ports do not have the same MAC addresses if you have enabled MAC in Client/Server Subnets. 

4) Check for any firewall security policy preventing the ports from talking to each other.  It can prevent ports from resolving ARP and sending traffic. 

5) Spanning tree protocol will delay ports from coming up - hence traffic will not start - traffic will only start when ports are ready. 
     To work around this issue go to 'Run' 'Configure' and enable 'configure test start delay' starting with the default of 50 seconds.

6) In some rare instances the test itself may be corrupt without outwardly having any vi sable configuration errors.  In some cases reconfiguring the subnets has resolve the issue.  If this doesn't work, you may need to recreate the test.

Product : Avalanche,L4-7