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Why isn't Avalanche reaching the same maximum CPS performance with version 3.50 or later?


Starting in version 3.50 Avalanche combined virtual cores into single port to easy configuration replacing the old 'virtual port' requirements.

For the Spirent TestCenter CM card module there are 3 virtual cores for each physical port. This requires 3 or more IP addresses to activate all 3 virtual cores. If only a single IP is configured only 1 core would be enabled resulting in lower performance.

The above is valid for all cards or appliances that have multi-core ports such as the CPU cards, 10G ports et al.

Solution is to ensure the subnet IP address range has a minimum of 1 IP per core in use, configured on the client/subnet and server/subnet tabs.

Sample performance tests can be generated from GUI->Tools->Generate Performance tests and can be used as templates for custom configurations.

Product : Spirent TestCenter,Avalanche,L4-7