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My VMS Workstation reports “Waiting for initialisation data” and the scenario fails to start


The message “Waiting for initialisation data” occurs for 2 reasons:

  1. Remote Control is selected and no remote data has been received
        a) Check the button "Remote Control" is not checked if remote control is not required.
        b) If remote control is required check the "Remote Control Options" selection from the Utilities menu is set to the correct Remote Control input type.
        c) If using a file for remote control, check that CONFIG.SYS is set up correctly for the input type.
        d) Once the correct initialisation data has been received, the scenario will change to the "Ready to Run" state.
  2. A workstation task has crashed during initialisation
        a) A number of tasks are started during the scenario initialisation phase. If one task has crashed the scenario will not complete initialisation.
        b) Contact Spirent Applications Support if this occurs ensuring the scenario debug files are available

Product : SimGEN