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Whilst calibrating a GSS7790 I don't see a change in power when I apply the LOFF command


For customers who own a GSS7790 multi-output simulator, fitted with an Intel processor card (see NOTE 1), installed with a firmware version prior to v1.27, there is a known issue with the LOFF command, used during power level calibration.

The LOFF command is used to adjust power level offsets but for GSS7790’s that meet the description above the command is simply not applied and no power level change will be observed. Customers can overcome this by replacing LOFF with LOFFX, e.g.
LOFF -0.5 becomes LOFFX -0.5. All other commands involving LOFF, i.e. %LOFF?, should not be changed.

Customers with a valid warranty or maintenance can download the latest firmware from the Spirent Customer Service Center (CSC) support website.

1) Simulators with Intel processor cards can be identified by way of “ETH0” and “ETH1” ports being present on the rear panel

Product : General Navigation,Positioning,Positioning,GSS7790