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Perform: How does Perform collect PM data?



Below is a brief description of how PMI collects data:
1. PMI reads a table in the PMINT database and puts TIDs on the collection queue for which it is to collect QI.
2. PMI then goes out and Logs into an element (ACT-USER)
3. Once logged in, PMI issues RTRV-VRSN and RTRV-EQPT commands
4. PMI then issues a RTRV-PM command for every AID in the database for which PM is enabled
5. When done with the last AID, PMI then logs out of the element by issuing a CANC-USER command.
This process is the same for Frequent PM with the execption of the following:
1. PMI issues RTRV-PM for 1 day and /or 15 minute registers.
If no AIDs are found for a particular element then PMI will log out.
If the date/time of the network element is off by +/- 5 mins PM will not be collected.

Product : Perform