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What do I do if my GNSS simulator reference oscillator has developed a fault?


Before concluding that there is a fault with the reference oscillator (ref osc) it is important to first follow the simulator calibration procedure to check the output frequency of the ref osc is in specification (see FAQ10505).

  1. If you find that the ref osc cannot be adjusted due to misalignment of the adjustment screw, see article KNI10173.
  2. If you find that the ref osc frequency can be adjusted but the required target frequency is unachievable or the frequency quickly drifts out of alignment soon afterwards then it is advisable to contact Spirent Applications Support with a summary of the symptoms you have experienced.

Based on the information provided the support team will either arrange for the simulator to be returned to the Spirent factory for repair or send a replacement ref osc for you to replace yourself (with an accompanying procedure that you can follow).

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