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Avalanche: How do I upgrade my Avalanche appliance unit (290, 2700, 2900, 3100)


Appliance Hardware [2700, 290, 2900, 3100]

  • Before upgrading the appliance hardware you will need to download and install the Avalanche Commander GUI from, log in, 'downloads' 'Avalanche' (or 'Archive Releases')


  • The firmware files (.tgz) for each unit type are located in the software installation TGZ directory. 
    3.60 example:
    C:\Program Files\Spirent Communications\Spirent TestCenter 3.60\Layer 4-7 Application\TGZ
  • For additional reference on how to upgrade an Appliance unit, please refer to the Avalanche Commander Help - "Upgrade Appliance Software". 

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