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Why is the "Find" feature not working in the React GUI?


The Find feature only works for duplicate CACs. For the corridor ckts, if you want
the part that goes outside the LATA of the state code of the ckt, you must enter the
ckt ID with the modified state code (as shown in the pop-up message) and select testing.

The gateway checks all 4 character state_codes (company codes) against the state_tab.dat table. 
If a match is found it removes the extra 2 characters.  This request is sent to all regions.
When a circuit is recieved the rules attach the the 2 character code which is
associated with the region from which the circuit was requested (ie MD, PA, or NJ) to
the 2 character statecode in the circuit id, it then runs it by the state_tab.dat, 
If there is a match, it uses it.  There should only be a match for circuits
with statecodes that belong to another region (IE NJPA or DENJ but not NJNJ or DEPA). 
For a Corridor circuit the gateway should build 2 circuits, one (with a state_code
in the circuit id that matches the region) will have only the 2 character state code,
the other, if it is entered properly in the state_tab table will have 4. 
The gateway returns the one that matches the request.  Once both parts of the
corridor circuit have been loaded through testing, the Find feature in REACT can be used.

Product : TINT,REACT