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GSS6400: Cannot playback files recorded on another GSS6400

  • GSS6400 


  • There are three versions of the GSS 6400
    • GPS only
    • GPS+GLONASS+Galileo
  • The different units are compatible with the following files:-
    • .dat files (GPS recording)
          - Created by GPS only units
          - Playback by GPS only and GPS+GLONASS units.
    • .dgp files (GPS recording)
          - Created by GPS+GLONASS units
          - Playback by GPS only (with firmware v54 or greater) and GPS+GLONASS units.
    • .dgg and .dgl files (GPS+GLONASS recording)
          - Created by GPS+GLONASS units
          - Playback by GPS+GLONASS units
    • .dga files (GPS+GLONASS+Galileo recording)
          - Created by GPS+GLO+Galileo units
          - Playback by GPS+GLONASS+Galileo units
  • If the GSS6400 unit and file type appear to be compatible
    • Check related advice provided on article FAQ10581
  • If problems continue please contact Spirent Global Services
    • Use the "Submit a Service Request" link on the right hand side of the Knowledge Base screen
    • Confirm the the serial number and signal recording capability of the GSS6400.

Product : Record-Replay,GSS6400