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How do I troubleshoot issue if, in Lab Manager, all MRV device port connection links are disabled (brown)?


I provide example of trouble and resolution as described:

After a power outage, the Lab Manager connections were all disabled (brown) however links appeared to be working (transmitting and receiving data).
Potential Scenario: The device links may have remained up but potential of loss of connectivity between Lab Manager and MRV.
First Step was to Log into lab manager as admin using web browser, for example,
Next, it was verified the MRV switches were Admin – Switches – Status - Detached.
After selected the MRV devices and configured Communications - Attach the Status changed to Offline.
After rebooting the MRV, it was verified Admin – Switches – Status – Online and tested and the links in Lab Manager were green and testing was working.
It was not required, although may have been helpful to SSH login to Lab Manager as Root or Admin and test ping to the MRV.

Product : Lab Manager,Gale