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8100 Radio Access: SR5500 Fader Firmware upgrade - The A304/A604 has two faders, how do I perform the upgrade?


1. Start SR5500 Test kit

2. On the title bar menu, go to 'Configuration'-> 'System/Communication Setup'

3. In the dialog that opens, look for the drop down box next to the property : "Number. of SR5500 Instruments controlled by test kit" and change the number to '1'

4. At the bottom, look for the tab 'unit 1' and verify that the IP address corresponds to

5. Close the dialog and connect to the first SR5500 unit

6. Once the unit is connected, go to the title bar menu and select 'Help' -> 'Firmware Upgrade' to launch the firmware upgrade dialog

7. In the dialog click on 'upgrade now'

8. After the unit is upgraded, disconnect from the unit

9. Repeat step 2 - 7. However in step 4 be sure to change the IP address to

Product : Radio Access,Radio Access