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Positioning Application: What is UUT_cable_data.xml used for in PosApp?

  • PosApp
  • SimGEN
  • Only GSS7700 Variant B and GSS8000-series signal generators (both with firmware version 1.24 onward) support this file.
  • Find out how to setup the UUT_cable_data.xml file in DGP00686AAA SECTION 8.10.
  • The RF signal is calibrated to be correct at the Simulator RF output port and any external cabling or equipment connected to the port may cause signal delay or loss on the final signal arriving at the UUT.
  • This file allows users to inform PosApp of such loses or delay in order to apply the appropriate compensation.
  • The UUT_cable_data.xml file will not change any of the power levels that you would expect to see in the GUI or on the Simulator LCD. This is because these displays are showing users what power levels they will see arriving at the UUT (after all loses and delays are accounted for).
  • This means that the power level you measure directly from the RF output port will XXdB higher than that displayed in the GUI/LCD screen (XX representing the number of dB the user has accounted for in the UUT_cable_data.xml.file to compensate for loses and delays.)


Product : SimGEN,PosApp