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Running PLTS tests, what logs are required by Spirent to help troubleshooting?



Depending on test cases and types, different set of logs required for troubleshooting. Here're the details:

Taskit/PLTS (including control plane, carriers tests, CTIA OTA conformance tests and user plane test)



  1. result database (location is defined when you run the test)
  2. comm log
  3. AA log

2-3 can be found at the subfolder under the same result database location. The name of subfolder will be "<result database name> - Logs".

  1. if running user plane, enable RLP logging when running the test.
  2. wireshark log, it'll be good to have if it's running user plane test. It needs to be captured on the interface of on controller PC and manually saves it out
  3. UDM log, it'll be useful if the tests are using UTS to do automation, e.g. MSB test cases, standalone tests, user plane tests
  4. OTA application server log, it's under C:\PLTS-OTA-LOG\<date>\<date time>



EMQuest (CDMA CTIA test)

  1. EMQuest raw data log, it should be on EMQuest PC under C:\Program Files\ETS-Lindgren\EMQuest\Raw Data
  2. PLTS related log, it's on Spirent PC under C:\PLTS-OTA-LOG\<date>\<date time>
  3. if it's user plane OTA test, it's necessary to manually enable RLP logging on Spirent PC in AA GUI during the test


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