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How to restore default image on the client laptop


With the Dell E6500 laptop the following procedure will reload the default image:

WARNING: This process deletes all data from the laptop and restores the default configuration. Make sure to save all important data before continuing.

  • Select Start>Run to open a Run Window Display
  • Enter “C:\OSL2000\Setup.exe”
  • Then click the OK Button
  • In the field next to the AutoBoot button, type the number 4.
  • Click the AutoBoot button to restart the laptop and boot to the Restore partition.
  • After the laptop reboots, the Password window displays.
  • In the Password window, type Restore and click OK to start the process.
  • Once the laptop reboots login as normal (User Name: Spirent, Password: Sp!rent)
  • Under the Control Panel Add or Remove programs un-install the following
    • Spirent AT Control
    • Spirent Data Client
  • Retrieve the installations for “Spirent At Control” and “Spirent Data Client” from the Desktop of the Controller PC (either in a folder called “Client Laptop” or in the installation folder. If the files cannot be found contact Spirent.
  • Install the following on the Client Laptop
    • Spirent AT Control
    • Spirent Data Client

  • Restart the Client Laptop to complete the installations

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