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Spirent TestCenter: How can you tell if a Spirent TestCenter CTL-9002A/CTL-2002A is rev b or higher?




Unfortunately, as of Spirent TestCenter 3.80, Tools --> Equipment Information... only shows if it’s a controller 1 or 2 but not the revision of the controller itself.  So to find the controller's revision you search the "IP logs" (found under My Documents/Spirent/Spirent TestCenter <version>\Logs\<date>_<time>\<chassis IP address>.log)  for the "revision".

For example in the following IP log, we see that the controller's revision is A38.

13:43:52.155 DEBUG - response {struct {} struct {"info" {struct {"chassisBasic" {struct {"hostname" {string "80-000722.E09510621
" } "partNum" {string "SPT-9000" } "revision" {string "A38" } "serialNum" {string "E09510621" } "firmwareVer" {string "3.62.0696" } "controllerVer" {uint32_t 33557048 } "backplaneVer" {uint32_t 1 } <snips>

Product : Chassis