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How can I configure all the neccessary settings to do user-plane testing for TASKIT-PLTS?


In order to do the MS-Resident applications A-GPS testing, you should do following steps to make sure all the configurations and mobile settings are ok.

  • Step 1, Make sure all the cable connections and system configurations are correctly set.
  • Step 2, Make sure PDE/MPC port number write to the mobile is the same with system settings in configuation->Software options, by default, PDE port number is 8000 and MPC is 8888.
  • Step 3, Make sure all the correct NV items are written correctly to the mobile, please be careful that if any one of them is not write correctly, the test can not be started, all the NV settings should be query from chipset vendors.
  • Step 4, You should configure in TASKIT-PLTS mobile file for below parameters:
    • Primary service option = SO33 ( the test is being run on the user plane, there should be a data call).
    • Separate GPS port =Yes/No, this depends on what the antenna configurations for your device.
    • UDM parameters,
      • if you want to use the default QCMSM V2 driver, you can select in the list.
      • if you have your own custom device UTS driver, you should install it in the controller PC and make sure the dll file is registered to be recognize by TASKIT-PLTS.
      • Make sure you select the correct diagnostic port after install the device driver.

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