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What is the maximum length of a SimPLEX scenario?





The MS specification recommends a maximum scenario duration of 24 hours. The reason for this is to limit the size of the created SimPLEX scenario (.sim file).  This also means that scenarios stored on the Spirent website can be easily downloaded, or fit onto a CD which could be easily posted to a customer.  A scenario requested through the website therefore has several duration options up to a maximum duration of 24 Hours.

However the maximum duration for a SimPLEX scenario that can be run on a STR4500 generated using SimGEN software is 23 days, 23 hours, 59mins, and 59 secs.  The generated scenario file would be very large, but a typical 7 day scenario should fit onto a single DVD.  The actual size of the scenario files will vary depending on the options selected within the SimGEN scenario.


Customers who have SimGEN software can therefore create scenarios up to the maximum duration (23 Days, 23hrs, 59min, 59secs) themselves.  Customers who do not have SimGEN software are limited to 24 Hour scenarios, but can request longer than 24hour duration scenarios using the CSC Special Scenario Request form.


Product : GNSS,SimPLEX