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How to manually upgrade SR3420 firmware for TestDrive-LTS?


When you are going to upgrade TestDrive -LTS network analyzer component, you should do as followinig to make sure AirAccess-HS firmware has been upgraded.

1, Open AirAccess-HS.

2, Click connect.

3, You will be prompted to upgrade the firmware

4, if you have one SRPM, you can go ahead.

5, if you have two SRPMs, go to step 6.

6, Click No to cancel the upgrade, then open file default_dualRAT.tcf.

7, Click connect again, then you will be prompted to upgrade, this step make sure you can upgrade both WCDMA and GSM firmware.

For the .tcf files, if you can not find it under C:\Program Files\Spirent Communications\AirAccess WCDMA-HS\Test Configuration Files, you can contact spirent support personnel to get the file.