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Landslide: How do I assign the data traffic to different bearers (default and dedicated) in MME, SGW, PGW Nodal?

  • MME, SGW, PGW Nodal test cases
  1. In the test case,
    • Test Configuration tab>Mobile Subscribers, click on the TFT settings button, in the TFT settings window, set the Number of TFTs, and then under TFT#, set the desired parameters for the dedicated bearer to match the DMF.
      • For example: to configure a dedicated bearer with UDP DMF, set the TFT settings protocol number to 17 
    • L3-7 tab>Data Traffic, Click on the instances and assignments button, in the DMF Node/Context/Port Assignments window, set Bearer or Context to match the DMF name to a default bearer.
      • For example: to configure a default bearer with a TCP DMF, set Bearer or Context to a desired DMF name. 


Product : Landslide,LTE,DMF,Landslide Client,Landslide