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SimPLEX45: What is the purpose of this software?

  • SimPLEX45
  • STR4500

NOTE: SimPLEX45 has now been superseded by PosApp, in SimREPLAYplus mode - see KNI10194

  • SimPLEX45 was introduced for use with STR4500 multi-channel L1 C/A GPS/SBAS signal generator
  • It is an enhancement to the standard SimPLEX software sold with that simulator model.
  • With SimPLEX45 users have access to additional scenario parameters that were previously unavailable in SimPLEX
  • The four primary advantages are
    • Define start time and date
    • Set vehicle start position
    • Load user-defined motion (NMEA format)
    • Create new scenarios directly in the application
  • SimPLEX45 is a chargable upgrade to SimPLEX
  • It requires an additional configuration file, known as the "sig_gen.txt" file, to be present in the SimPLEX45 directory
    • This is provided by Spirent at the time of purchase

Product : SimPLEX45,GPS,STR4500