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Does Spirent hardware require any special handling to prevent ESD (electrostatic discharge) damage?


Yes, many of the components used in Spirent hardware can be damaged with the amount of static build up from very ordinary day to day activities.  Walking on a carpet or untreated vinyl floor, handling styrofoam cups or plastic notebooks, and many other activities can build up enough static electricity to damage components.  Static discharge does not have to be seen or felt to do damage to a component.  The damage could cause complete failure, or it could result in a latent defect that limits the life of a component, or causes unexpected or degraded performance.

It is very important to follow the proper ESD prevention procedures outlined in "Getting Started with Spirent TestCenter." Some ESD cause and prevention guidelines can be found in the attached Spirent Field Service kit manual.  It isn't enough to simply touch grounded metal before handling sensitive modules, controllers or components. Use of a grounded wrist band, an anti-static lab coat, anti-static bags when carrying or transporting, and carefully following the procedures outlined in these documents can help prevent costly damage.

There is also a very good overview of ESD from the ESD association at

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