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Avalanche: Can I the action list to pick a random value from a forms db for each GET request?

  • Yes, this can be done with a cursor.
  • Example of using a global cursor to randomly access a formsDB file:

    CREATE <global.mycursor1 Form_0001 random_uniform_autoinc>
    #Assigns values of Form_0001 to a global cursor named mycursor1
    ASSIGN VARIABLE <myvar1 global.mycursor1 1>
    #Assigns value from cursor to ‘myvar1’ from Form_0001 column 1
    1 GET http://<APPLY myvar1>
    #Applies current random myvar1 value to the request For additional information and examples search the help with keyword 'cursor'

Product : L4-7,App Testing,Avalanche,HTTP