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Positioning Application: Why do I get Incorrect Scenario Checksum when adding motion to SimREPLAYplus?

  • PosApp
    • SimREPLAYplus
  • .umt file created by, for example, NMEA data from a receiver and changing the file extension to ".umt" and placing this file in the scenario directory


  • If you have received the error message after adding a .umt file to an otherwise error free scenario then there is 1 of 2 causes
  1. The start of each line in the NMEA file is missing the character '$'
    • The '$' character is required at the start of each line, therefore if you have an NMEA file containing comment lines you must either remove the comment line, or prefix it with a '$'
  2. The .umt file is not in NMEA format i.e. it is in MOT or MOTB format

Below is an example of an NMEA file that would cause an incorrect checksum scenario due to a missing '$' symbol.


For further information regarding Incorrect scenario checksum errors in SimREPLAY and SimREPLAYplus, please view SOL10221



Product : SimREPLAYplus,SimREPLAY,PosApp