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3219A: What could the REACT error message “9710 shelf position vacant or not responding.” Mean?


It could mean that the daisy chain between the 9710 shelves is broken.

The 9710 shelf is daisy chained to one another by way of P13 feeding J13 of the next. The first 9710 shelf is connected to the 9710 Interface shelf via a Test Bus cable which connects to J13 of the 9710 shelf.



OR, It could also mean that the 9710 Shelves are address incorrectly.
Each 9710 Shelf contains one Logic Module, located in Slot 14. The Access Shelf Number is set using Switch S1.
Below is a diagram of the Logic Module which shows the location of S1, the drawing also includes the DIP Switch settings for the appropriate Shelf Address.

Product : REACT