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How to input AT command for Pantech UML290 LTE device?


Pantech UML290 requires using AT Command with HyperTerminal. Following are the detail steps:

  • Connect UE to your PC via USB. Open Device Manager and check the Modems section, right click on Pantech UML290 USB Modem and choose properties:

  • Find the port in use by selecting the modem tab, in our case the port number is COM111:


  • Open the HyperTerminal, which is a communication utility on Microsoft Windows OS. HyperTerminal is located in Start | Programs | Accessories | Communication.
    Give a name to the new connection. 
    Choose the port number in drop down box "Connect using". In our case the port number is COM111. Click OK to close this window (Also click OK on the rest windows untill you see the HyperTerminal window).


  • Configure ASCII settings on HyperTerminal window by selecting File | Properties | Settings (tab) | ASCII Setup, check all the items:


  • Type AT in HyperTerminal window. If you get "OK" response, that is UE responds to AT command, and you can give more AT command.


  • Following is an example on how to configure UE works in IPv6:

First, type AT+CGDCONT=3,”IPV6”,"vzwinternet” to configure IPv6. Second, type AT+CGDCONT? to verify the configuration works.


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