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Abacus: I got this Error: "can't find package inifile" when I run my TCL automation. What has happened and what should I do?

  • Abacus
  • Automation
  • TCL
  • Inifile



The Error: "can't find package inifile" indicates that the Tcl client is trying to find inifile from the package, but it does not know where to find it.  This normally will occur when users are using Tcl version 8.5X.

To rectify this problem, users may do one of the followings:-

  • Use a lappend auto_path to indicate to the tcl client where it can find the inifile folder. 
  • Make a copy of the inifile folder into the folder where your tcl executable is located.

Users may find a copy of the inifile folder in the installed Abacus directory\Tcl folder.

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